Saturday, February 7, 2009

Special Bonds

I think I will just let this picture speak for itself.   It says so much, if you think about it.

Pictured are my 3 grandsons Nikko in the shopping cart he's 11 1/2 Mikey behind him  11 1/2  is a cousin, and the twins looking on are 2.
It's hard to tell who is having the most fun with all the toddler toys.
  Is it saying your never too old to have fun? Or is it saying there is no difference between 11 and 2.
Is it saying boys will be boys.
Maybe, its saying boys don't mature until they're 35.
What ever it is saying I just loved the pure joy in their faces.
It's great that the older boys will play with their young cousins. Maybe, they are forming a bond that will carry on with them forever.
I hope that they will always stay close and look out for each other.
When I was growing up we always had lots of time with our cousins, now families are so busy that they don't always get to see each other. 
It's important to find time to get together so these bonds can be formed.


  1. LOL!!! This is a great pic! I almost blogged about it today too. It was a great day. So much fun to see them all together!

  2. Great stuff Ms. Nita....and whats wrong with not maturing until your 35??? I for one believe it.

    Thats for following our blog, and I hope you will continue to stop by and communicate with us. Thanks

    Mr. McClung

  3. OMG. I can't believe Nikko is 11 1/2! It is amazing how time moves! It is so great the boys all play together! Love the picture, thanks for sharing!!

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