Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I thought the economy was bad

I found out today that the economy must not be as bad as I thought.  I know in my own family that we really had to skim our budget.  I'm always thinking of new ways to cut back.
But, today when I thought that getting a pair of pants tailored was going to be as easy as walking in to a tailor or dry cleaner, trying them on getting them fitted (yeah, they are too big) and then paying an affordable price  I was thinking maybe $30.00 was a good price.
But, no I walked in pur on my pants and the tailor looked at them and said I don't know what your expecting them to look like,  ( they are baggy and too long)  I said "I expect them to look like they fit me.   Was that asking to much just take them in a little here and there and shorten them.
He acting like I was asking him to do some lipo suction on me instead of just taking in the pants.
He said : "Well it will be very expensive"  I said well how much.   He said at least $65.00. I was a little shocked at the price.  Then he said " I don't want to do them it's too much work." 
I just took my pants and said "OK, I guess I will just have to go somewhere else."
So, off I go to my dry cleaners they advertise alterations. I asked if I could have my pants taken in and shortened.  Two people behind the counter,  one male and one female.   The female told me the male could pin them for me.  he said Oh these will be expensive I said oh how much he said about 30 dollars.  I was very excited to hear a normal price!  But, then he said just bring me a pair of pants the fit you and we will use the measurements.
I said I would like them to be pinned so they fit right , but he didn't want to do it.
OK, now I"m more that a little annoyed.  What the heck does no one want my business. I love these pants the perfect color and style.  Now I was on a mission, so off I go to business number three.
I walk in and asked the same question  this time the person behind the counter didn't even come over to me he was on the other side of the store and just looked at my pants and said it would not be worth doing the work because it would cost at least 100 dollars and they  I should just return them to the store where I bought them. He the said if it was only 10 or 20 dollars then he would do it.
I don't know about you but isn't this strange?  I wasn't asking anyone to rebuild a wedding gown it was just a simple pair of pants.
Well, I have one more person to show my pants to before I totally give up on the idea of having my pants tailored.  A  friend of a friend who does seamstress work out of her house. If she says the same thing, then I will just have to return my pants and have to go and search for another pair of perfect pants, what are the chances of that by the weekend.
If any one tells me that the economy is so bad and that there are so many people out of work, I think I will have to retell this story of taking in a pair of pants is too much work.


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  1. What a pain! At least they are too big! You could be asking them to be let out! LOL :)