Monday, August 10, 2009

My baby is turning 31 how old does that make me?

I can't believe it tomorrow at 7:10 am my baby boy will turn 31. It really is making me feel old. I remember my 31st birthday actually, it wasn't one of my favorite ages, I remember crying that day because no one made a fuss over my birthday and it was just like any other day.
Since then I make sure that I have a cake, balloons, and that there are candles on my cake and that I make sure my hubs and kids get the same on their birthdays.
It is a special day and we should celebrate it!!
I remember at one of my jobs I had to work on my birthday and I told my boss (luckily he liked me) that I would work, but, I was still going to celebrate my birthday. He said sure!!
He wasn't really prepared for what that really meant.
First thing in the am I got a huge bouquet of flowers delivered (from my hubs) followed by another delivery that was my cake, from my favorite bakery.
Most of my family stopped by that day (luckily I worked in a jewelry store and not an office) to wish me Happy Birthday.
But, the best was when my sister came with my lunch she made stuffed shells ( my fav meal) a giant salad and punch served in Waterford crystal bowl off the shelf in the back of the store. The singing candle on the cake was a big hit too.
Oh, and when the balloons came he really laughed, he said "OK, maybe next year you can have the day off"
OK, back to my son.
Chad has been through a lot of pretty bad stuff the last few years (that's another story that could fill a book)
including a life changing injury. But, through it all he has had an amazing outlook and keeps up a brave front for his mama. He will always be the baby no matter how old he gets and I hope that his birthday will be the start of a great year for him.
He is working tomorrow so I will bring him dinner and balloons and his favorite birthday cake.
Happy Birthday Chad!! Hope you have a great year!
Love ya,