Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sleepover with the Sisterhood

I just returned from a sleepover with my Sisterhood.  
The Sisterhood of Shopping was started about 15 years ago by my sisters friends aunt.
Aunt Barb as she is know to all of us started going to Vermont about 15 years ago with a few of her family pals.  They rented a condo at a ski resort in October and stayed for the weekend. It was a great time of bonding and eating and SHOPPING. 
The condo hasn't changed in all these years same deer head same 70's decor. But, the group has changed what started out as 2 or 3 pals has now turned in to a wonderful group of 12
The Sisterhood usually gets together every October and goes to Vermont.
They stay at the same condo its great there are 3 bedrooms a big loft and living room with fireplace dining area and kitchen. Luckily, there are 2 bathrooms.
Its right in a big ski area.  
So from Friday to Sunday its all about eating, and bonding and of course major SHOPPING!!
the weekend has really evolved over the years and now there is a theme for the weekend.
I have only been going for 3 years. I was asked to go for years but, always resisted Vermont was always a special place for my hubby and me.  We went there on our honeymoon many, many years ago and visited often over the years since then. I finally realized the reason I always declined was I didn't want to go there with anyone but him.   We did break down a few times and took our best friends once and our kids once, but for the rest of our visits it was just the two of us.
We stopped going about 5 years ago so I thought it might be OK to go with the Sisters.
What a great decision that turned out to be.
Every female should belong to some kind of sisterhood.  The special bond women share can not be explained.
I was quickly taken in by this great group of women.  From the fun of shopping, to sharing meals, to the late night chats.  It was great having other women to share it with.
I have been going with the sisterhood of shopping for 3 years now. 
On our last trip 2 of the sisters daughters were inducted into into the elite group.  They are both college students and have been hearing about the fun for most of their lives.
We had so much  fun planning a special induction ceremony. 
As soon as we all had our Jammie's on the girls came down dressed as old lady's in vintage flannel gowns with fake rotten teeth.  A good laugh was had by all.
After the induction ceremony the girls were presented with their SISTERHOOD OF SHOPPING shirts (oh yes we all have matching shirts brown with white letters on the back)
the letters SOS are on the front and The Sisterhood of Shopping on the back.
When we are all out shopping on Saturday we wear our shirts they get lots of attention and many shoppers ask how to get one. Of course they are not for sale and are only for our elite members.   We are now pictured on the wall of the Vermont Country Store.  They look forward to our yearly visit and we are greeted by the manager and staff with announcements over their PA system to announce our arrival.
 We also have silver antique pins with tiny SOS letters hanging on it, and this year we got mugs with our logo on them.
The girls were given a baby diaper pin with the same letters.
They were good spots and went along with all the craziness.  I think they actually enjoyed it.
Saturday is a marathon shopping day at the outlets.
The girls took a break from shopping and talked some of the older sisters into going to the alpine slides.   
Saturday is usually movie night you would think at least one of us could have gotten the VCR to work but, not.  Well, the popcorn was great and lots of sharing was had.
It was amazing to see the multi generational group all having a great time.
Well, back to our latest sleepover Aunt Bard recently purchased a large home that she only gets to spend the weekends at and invited the Sisterhood to spend the night.
We had a great time of pigging out and bonding.  We were supposed to watch a movie since we missed it in October.   Finally, after have lots of cheese fondue with veggies and chocolate fondue with fruit we started to look for a movie nothing was appealing so we finally settled on a real oldie   Roman Holiday a 50's classic.   It was kinda nice no violence and tragic romance.
Most of the sisters were asleep before the end.
Sunday morning we woke up to a leisurely breakfast of muffins, fruit, eggs, bacon, and bagels etc.
Some of us thought hey this would be great why not just have our annual getaway here.  sounded good to some of us.   Until husbands, boyfriends, and kids started showing up and cell phones kept ringing.
That's when we realized why The Sisterhood was formed you need to be out of state and have bad cell phone service to really get away from IT all.
So goodbye beautiful house and short drive and hello old condo in the mountain and peace and quiet for all.