Saturday, February 7, 2009

Special Bonds

I think I will just let this picture speak for itself.   It says so much, if you think about it.

Pictured are my 3 grandsons Nikko in the shopping cart he's 11 1/2 Mikey behind him  11 1/2  is a cousin, and the twins looking on are 2.
It's hard to tell who is having the most fun with all the toddler toys.
  Is it saying your never too old to have fun? Or is it saying there is no difference between 11 and 2.
Is it saying boys will be boys.
Maybe, its saying boys don't mature until they're 35.
What ever it is saying I just loved the pure joy in their faces.
It's great that the older boys will play with their young cousins. Maybe, they are forming a bond that will carry on with them forever.
I hope that they will always stay close and look out for each other.
When I was growing up we always had lots of time with our cousins, now families are so busy that they don't always get to see each other. 
It's important to find time to get together so these bonds can be formed.

Special Day

Having 3 grandsons now I have to be fair and pass the love around.  I found that having one on one time with Nikko was so much fun, so I thought I would try it with Vincenzo  and Luccio.  At first it was great having one baby all to my self so Ree, started taking Luccio to a baby gym so he could get more   exercise for his low muscle tone.  She would drop off Cenzo for a vist at Stregga's.
We had so much fun just playing with toys and backyard fun.  Now I try and do it on a regular basis.
Its such a treat for both of us. We go to Barnes and Noble our favorite book store and play with the trains, or to the library.  We have gone to visit the horse farm down the street and to Toys R Us. Its always an adventure.
His favorite thing to do is take a nap in my king size bed.  He loves to hear me sing NeeNaNoaun.
Its just a little song that I sing to him I think its from my childhood, but I don't know the words so I just make them up and keep repeating it over and over for a few minutes until he falls asleep.
One day Luccio was crying when I took Cenzo and I said "Oh brother is so sad" he said "I happy".
I try and be fair now and take Luccio for special day but, Cenzo says"No I go special day."
It's hard to just take one of the boys knowing the other one is sad, but I think it's important for them to have their special day with Stegga alone.
I started taking Luccio so he can have a chance to talk.  He doesn't get much time to say anything because his brother answers all questions.
 I call him the ventriloquist.
I hope we can contine special day and make some great memories!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The trip is cancelled!

I just found out that our trip is cancelled.  What a bummer, after imagining the sunshine, green trees, and flowers in bloom: I have to just get readjusted to 6 more week of winter with no sneak peak of spring.  
Well, at least it's not snowing today and no reports of snow for the next few days.
I've been thinking of ways to feel better and get over the winter slump and think I will check out the new indoor water park I'm sure I can talk my grandkids into coming with me so I won't look out of place.  It's  84 degrees all the time and it is decorated very tropical. It won't be California but, maybe with my eyes closed I could pretend.
Sure wish the groundhog was wrong, I think every one is ready for Spring.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Give UP

OK, I give up the pants are going back!  I saw my 4Th professional and they all seem to agree they are just too big and should go back to the store. So tomorrow I guess I will have to go and hunt for another pair of favorite pants.  I guess it could have been worse and they could have been too small! 
Or could be better and I could lose my baby weight, since my baby is now 30, and be able to just buy what I like and actually fit right.   Hmmm....... lose weight that sounds like a plan.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I thought the economy was bad

I found out today that the economy must not be as bad as I thought.  I know in my own family that we really had to skim our budget.  I'm always thinking of new ways to cut back.
But, today when I thought that getting a pair of pants tailored was going to be as easy as walking in to a tailor or dry cleaner, trying them on getting them fitted (yeah, they are too big) and then paying an affordable price  I was thinking maybe $30.00 was a good price.
But, no I walked in pur on my pants and the tailor looked at them and said I don't know what your expecting them to look like,  ( they are baggy and too long)  I said "I expect them to look like they fit me.   Was that asking to much just take them in a little here and there and shorten them.
He acting like I was asking him to do some lipo suction on me instead of just taking in the pants.
He said : "Well it will be very expensive"  I said well how much.   He said at least $65.00. I was a little shocked at the price.  Then he said " I don't want to do them it's too much work." 
I just took my pants and said "OK, I guess I will just have to go somewhere else."
So, off I go to my dry cleaners they advertise alterations. I asked if I could have my pants taken in and shortened.  Two people behind the counter,  one male and one female.   The female told me the male could pin them for me.  he said Oh these will be expensive I said oh how much he said about 30 dollars.  I was very excited to hear a normal price!  But, then he said just bring me a pair of pants the fit you and we will use the measurements.
I said I would like them to be pinned so they fit right , but he didn't want to do it.
OK, now I"m more that a little annoyed.  What the heck does no one want my business. I love these pants the perfect color and style.  Now I was on a mission, so off I go to business number three.
I walk in and asked the same question  this time the person behind the counter didn't even come over to me he was on the other side of the store and just looked at my pants and said it would not be worth doing the work because it would cost at least 100 dollars and they  I should just return them to the store where I bought them. He the said if it was only 10 or 20 dollars then he would do it.
I don't know about you but isn't this strange?  I wasn't asking anyone to rebuild a wedding gown it was just a simple pair of pants.
Well, I have one more person to show my pants to before I totally give up on the idea of having my pants tailored.  A  friend of a friend who does seamstress work out of her house. If she says the same thing, then I will just have to return my pants and have to go and search for another pair of perfect pants, what are the chances of that by the weekend.
If any one tells me that the economy is so bad and that there are so many people out of work, I think I will have to retell this story of taking in a pair of pants is too much work.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Spring Yet!

In my excitement about seeing green and not wearing winter clothes; I forgot that  its still winter and winter germs are lurking every where.  I really tried to be careful all last week and stay away from any one with a cough or runny nose.  Well, I guess it wasn't enough.  Even though I was drinking my orange juice so I could get my daily dose of vitamin C and trying to keep my hands washed.
But, it caught me anyway.  I now have a full blown head and chest cold. 
 I was looking forward this week to getting ready for my trip and have appointments for my hair, and pedicure and manicure. I have shopping to finish and the house to get ready, not to mention packing.
I can't forget getting the dogs ready for their week at their Uncle's house.
StellaMary is very excited about her vacation she loves going over Uncle Gene and Uncle Michael's house.
She loves getting spoiled (not that she doesn't get enough here but, Charlies is always getting more)
She has been going to her Uncle's since she was a little puppy so she loves spending nights there.
Of course Charlie even though he's 2 has only spent one overnight.
We are so lucky to have such good friends that we could trust with our babies.
They are very set in their routines and get a little upset when we go away. But, I know they will get lots of love and lots of walks.
Hopefully, this horrid cold will do away soon, but I don't know how my poor husband is going to avoid getting it.
   I have been walking around with my Clorox wipes and try to clean everything I touch but, doubt it will be enough.
You don't realize  you just can't avoid the cold germs.  I feel like I'm leaving them everywhere.
Hope they don't catch you.