Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Spring Yet!

In my excitement about seeing green and not wearing winter clothes; I forgot that  its still winter and winter germs are lurking every where.  I really tried to be careful all last week and stay away from any one with a cough or runny nose.  Well, I guess it wasn't enough.  Even though I was drinking my orange juice so I could get my daily dose of vitamin C and trying to keep my hands washed.
But, it caught me anyway.  I now have a full blown head and chest cold. 
 I was looking forward this week to getting ready for my trip and have appointments for my hair, and pedicure and manicure. I have shopping to finish and the house to get ready, not to mention packing.
I can't forget getting the dogs ready for their week at their Uncle's house.
StellaMary is very excited about her vacation she loves going over Uncle Gene and Uncle Michael's house.
She loves getting spoiled (not that she doesn't get enough here but, Charlies is always getting more)
She has been going to her Uncle's since she was a little puppy so she loves spending nights there.
Of course Charlie even though he's 2 has only spent one overnight.
We are so lucky to have such good friends that we could trust with our babies.
They are very set in their routines and get a little upset when we go away. But, I know they will get lots of love and lots of walks.
Hopefully, this horrid cold will do away soon, but I don't know how my poor husband is going to avoid getting it.
   I have been walking around with my Clorox wipes and try to clean everything I touch but, doubt it will be enough.
You don't realize  you just can't avoid the cold germs.  I feel like I'm leaving them everywhere.
Hope they don't catch you.

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