Thursday, May 7, 2009


ZING ZANG ZOOM!    The magic words of the day!   
 Today I was treated to the circus for my mothers day present.
I don't know who had more fun my grand boys or myself. 
I think it might have been me!!   Just the feeling of joy I got from seeing the excited looks on their faces was worth all the money we spent on souvenirs LOL.
we actually didn't need to go into the circus...they thought the lobby filled with vendors was the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!
I think no matter how old you are your never too old or young  to enjoy the circus.  
When the lights went out and the show started the looks are their faces  was priceless!!
I know they won't remember their first trip to the circus , but it's a great memory for me.
There are definite advantages to being a stay at home Stregga.
Thank you Ree and Hubby and Vincenzo and Luccio it was a great Mothers Day Gift!!!!!!