Friday, January 30, 2009

A Break From Winter

I was just thinking how I can't wait until spring...... After all the snow and ice we have been having in the Northeast no wonder thoughts of spring keep entering my mind.
I feel so lucky that in just one week I will be going to California for a few days.  Today while out shopping for my upcoming mini vacation (actually a business trip -tagging along with my hubby)
I realized that when you feel like and are dressed like winter you actually start looking like winter.
I was dressed in jeans and a double layer frumpy sweater and print socks and my hair was showing lots of gray ( don't want to spring it up too early appt. next week)  so it was difficult looking at bathing suits ( oops better start shaving the legs this week every day). 
The stores were showing all the great spring clothes but, looking outside at all the dirty snow and naked trees it was hard to concentrate on finding  California looking clothes. 
Of course the added holiday and winter weight wasn't helping them fit too well either.
Luckily, I was able to find some colorful new tops and a great pair of light weight pants.
Now all I have to find is some sandals.... I better add a pedicure to my list of things to get ready for the warm weather too.
I'm just imagining what it will be like when we get off the plane in CA> seeing the bright sunshine and the flowers in full bloom and the green trees.
I feel like it will just take this heavy gloom off and make me feel like spring will finally come back to New England.
I do know that after seeing a glimpse of spring it will be hard to land back in reality to the dirty snow and naked trees.  
But, how lucky I feel that I will have a break from it all.

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