Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birth Day

Actually, it was birth night.   After what felt like hours of waiting we (the 4 grandparents) were allowed into the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).
Greeted by the new dad he looked so proud and happy, and at the same time scared.  Finally, our babies were here.   Ahead of schedule but, that's OK they are safe.

As we approached closed off unit we were stopped and instructed that we would have to scrub up to enter.
So there we were scrubbing in silence (I'm usually the silent type) learning how to wash our hands.
I felt like a surgeon.
We had to scrub up to our elbows with a special solution and a hard plastic scrub brush, while we were timed for 3 full minutes.  Next came the yellow gowns that would cover our clothes.
As we were led into the unit I felt a sense of terror.  This should be the happiest moment of my life and I was scared to death not knowing what our boys would look like.
First we went to Vincenzo (100% Italian American babies had to have 100% Italian names)
He weighed about 3 pounds.  His hair must have been at least 1/2 pound.  He had a head full of black hair.  He was so tiny laying in the incubator just with a diaper on.  I just wanted to pick him up and wrap him up in a blanket.   We just stood there staring at him and he was staring back.
  Tears were streaming down my face part from happiness from finally seeing him and part from worry.
We just all took turns talking to him and reassuring him (and ourselves that he was going to be just fine).
Next we were going to meet Luccio (baby B with the growth on the back of his head). The 2 PaPa's and Grandma went right over to see him.  I stood back and stayed with Vincezo, part for fear of what I was going to see and part because I didn't want to leave him alone.
I took me a few extra minutes to go and see Luccio.  
Finally, I walked over and there he was all hooked up to all kind of things.  He was on a ventilator to help him breathe.
But, he looked perfect weighing in over 4 pounds and looked chubby compared to his brother, his hair was much lighter like a light brown.
They looked nothing alike.  You always picture twins looking alike, at least something alike.
But not our boys our beautiful baby boys.   Our boys who caused so much worry for so long.
They were finally here and we were actually looking at them.  it was a great feeling to have them here safe and sound.
I actually forgot for a second that Luccio had some problem on his head.  But, of course it only lasted of a split second.   I made the nurse turn him so we could all see what the big fuss was.
I thought well he looks fine how bad could it be.
The small growth was actually the size of a golf ball if it was split in half.  It was all closed which they assured us was a great sign.  They had his little head on  a ring to not put any pressure on the growth.
Because of the late hour and their tiny size we were only allowed to stay for 5 minutes.
It was so sad walking out of there leaving our babies in the hands of strangers.
They were both so beautiful they just had to be OK.
Now it was time to see Ree.   We just all hugged and cried happiness and worry all mixed up.
Ree was just so upset that the babies were whisked away and she barely go to see them and didn't get to hold them
The Doctors were still worried about her. Her blood pressure was dangerously high and she wouldn't be able to go see the babies.. maybe tomorrow they said.
Luckily a kind nurse snuck Vincenzo in for a quick peek.
We were all sent off to let them all rest.
It was a long night for all of us at home no sleep was to be had that night.
Not knowing what would happen to Ree or the two boys was just too much too handle.
We had to wait till morning to find out what they would need to do for Luccio.
I did feel relief in knowing that they arrived.  Now the real waiting would begin.

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  1. Stregga- very moving remembrance of that special time! I still can't believe I didn't get to see them for 2 days, ugh! But, I'm glad all the grandparents & Greg were there to make sure they were taken care of.
    BTW- I have never known you to be the silent type, LOL!!!