Sunday, June 14, 2009

Health update

Thought I should post an update on hubs health.
he is doing great.  still trying to figure out this whole insulin and blood levels. It does get a little frustrating for him not knowing yet when he will have high and low readings and which foods are causing it.  But, he has been very serious about monitoring and following his diet.
It's so hard to believe that it's been almost a month now and we are both following a very strict diet.
I figured it will easier if we both do this new life style.  I really need to lose some serious weight so this has been great.
Not sure how much we have lost I have some wacky thing with the scale. When i weigh myself on a diet if I get on the scale it makes me cheat with my eating. Its so weird, so now I just don't get on it every day.  I actually don't have one at my house because a few years ago when I was on weight watchers i used to weigh myself every time I passed by it.
So, I will wait until my clothes get baggier till I get on one again.
My doctor will be so happy when I go see him next month, he has been bugging me for years to lose some weight. (he's so skinny and thinks everyone should be)
This time it has been really easy to stay on a plan, I found some great websites to help.
One being and the other is
they both have calorie calculators on them that break everything down like calories, fat, protein and more.   they also have lots of other tools and groups for support.
Its great seeing the breakdown and it really helped us see why we are overweight.
For some reason its easy to gain only eating small amounts of bad food, but, when your losing its weird that we are stuffed and can't make it to our calorie goals most days. 
I guess stuffing yourself with water and fruit and veggies and only small amounts of carbs and proteins its easier to get full.  you only need a few oreos or a whopper to gain weight and be full, but, it takes lots of veggies to get to the same calories count.
I actually feel much better too, so I guess we both have learned a lot from this scare.
I hope we continue on our new healthy life style for a long, long, time.
I'm planning on losing until the end of December. its going to be my Christmas gift to myself. 
I'm so curious to see what i will look like if I can lose at least 40 pounds by then.  
think I'm going to have to start exercising in a few more pounds. Yuck

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  1. Yeah! So glad you are both getting on a healthy track! It sounds like you have found some fantastic tools and support! Ans its smar tyou staying away from the scale. You are going to be beach ready this year!!!! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!