Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Health Scare Medical Miracles

On Friday while doing some gardening my hub was complaining that it was really hot out and he was sweating. Of course being the loving wife that I am I told him he was sweating because he had on hot jeans and a long sleeve shirt on.  
When he came in for a second glass of water and was hunched over sweating I thought he just wanted some company outside to watch him weed.
By now he was feeling pretty yucky and was sweating and nauseous.  I started weeding and felt a little hot too. So we took a break and were talking to a neighbor who stopped by to chat.
By now hub was really feeling crummy.  I yelled at him and said it was 2 and he missed lunch and his blood sugar level must be too low. ( he is a diabetic that loves sweets) so insisted that he should check his sugar level.  he sent me in to get him machine because now he felt pretty weak.
He couldn't remember exactly where it was because he hadn't checked his levels in over 2 weeks.
Finally, he found it and showed me the reading. thinking that it was going to be low I wasn't prepared to see  FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE.   
Now my neighbor was going nuts too and told him he should get to the ER.
I knew he wasn't going to agree to do that so tried him to call his doctor.
He wanted to wait an hour after he showered to see if he would feel better.
My neighbor left and called me when she got home and said she called her friend who is an RN and she said that he needed to get to the ER she told me to call an ambulance.
Knowing that the hub would go nuts if I did that I convinced him to go to his doctor and would let him give him the news.
Of course the doc went nuts too and told him he needed to go to the ER asap.
so off we went.
I'm still thinking that it was a diabetic problem, but after we get to the ER he started to spill his guts and told them he had shortness of breath and some chest pain.
when they asked him how long it was going on for. thinking he was going to say an hour or two, he said 2 weeks!!!!!
Now, I was starting to think maybe it was something heart related too.
SO after lots of tests it was determined that he didn't' have a heart attack.
Oh yeah, I thought.
Well, now they are thinking a heart specialist should be called in just to be safe since he was having symptoms and has a really bad family history of heart problems.
Both of his parents died in their 70's from complicated heart problems including both of them having bypass surgery for clogged arteries.
The heart doc said to be safe he should stay for the weekend and and have a stress test.
Not the news hub wanted to hear but, knew it was the best thing to do.
After some more talking the doc decided instead of stress test he should have a cardiac catherization.
Where they go in and look at the arteries and check for blockages.
SO he spent the night in the cardiac unit with a room mate.
Now we are both very compassionate people but, after no sleep all night because his roommate was yelling all night and tried to escape a few times and emptied his urinal all over his bed and then to end the night  he was naked and pooping all over the floor. 
Hubs decided he would be better off coming home to rest and go back on Monday for his test.
Monday the doctor came in to do the catherization, they decided that he was able to go in through his wrist instead of through the groin oh happy day!
By this time I prepared myself to hear the news that there was a blockage and was relieved to hear there was only one.
luckily in our town a new heart center was put in place at our hospital so the doctor was able to continue on and unblock the artery and place a stint in to hold it open.
All this was done in just a little over an hour and required only a one night stay.
Luckily, all was well and he even had a private room.
He was able to come home today and is feeling great.
Of course now a new life style will start and medication and a new way of eating will begin.
I told him today when I picked him up "Welcome to the first day of your new life"
We felt very lucky that the problem was found and fixed before any serious damage happened.
Now that he's home safe and sound I realized how lucky we really are.


  1. He really was lucky!! Thank God it was caught early enough and able to be fixed!! We need Papa to be around for lots more years to see all these babies grow up!! I hope he is feeling good soon!!

  2. Nita, First of all I am very glad you and your husband were blessed with a second chance. I hope all continues to go well for both of you.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, I welcome your name on my list of friends, and look forward to more of your insites.
    I notice that your blog is very family oriented. I think it is a wonderful thing when families are close and filled with love. Keep up the good work.