Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm thankful for my dogs

I have 2 small dogs StellaMary a 4 year old Pekingese and Charlie a 2yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  
It's hard to explain how I turned into such a dog person.
 Growing up we always had a family dog.
Some I remember better than others. Tom was my favorite, he was a real dog the neighborhood mutt.  Never went to the vet, ate canned dog food or leftovers or what ever he could find in the neighbors garbage.
When my own kids were growing we had dogs. It seems like they were just there to annoy me and make more work for me. Extra cleaning, chasing them down the neighborhood when they escaped from the yard, and cleaning poo from the yard.
They were pets and I didn't really have lots of patience for them.
But, when I got StellaMary my whole world changed, she came at a time in my life that I was abel to devote lots of time to her.  She was so tiny weighing less that a pound when she came into my life as a surprise.
My kids were grown so I could actually enjoy her.  She was a little sick when we first got her so had to spend a night at the animal hospital on Iv's. But having just lost a puppy a few months before her  Tia Mary Francis Apricot Muffin a tea cup poodle who died at the same animal hospital we decide to take her home and take our chances on saving her on our own. My husband and I both do Reiki so we just gave her reiki treatments every day and had to feed her eye droppers of water, and special food that came in a tube every hour.  I took her to work with me in a dog carrier and everyone held her to keep her warm. we also had a heating pad to help her stay warm.
She did great and recovered within a week or two.
Thats when it happened I turned into a crazy dog lady. Like the kind of people we always made fun of.
I started dressing her in cute little outfits complete with a pearl necklace with crystal heart hanging from it.   I had to take her bag that had her bowls and food and bottled water and her blankie.  She wore hats and entertained everyone with her cuteness.
Luckily, I worked on a college campus in the campus ministry house and had a great boss. (my daughter) that allowed her to come to work with me.  The kids on campus all loved her and took her for walks and played with her everyday.   
She even came to Rosary and mass with us.
I took her everywhere with me.  Her wardrobe grew quite large and everyone looked forward to seeing what she was wearing.
She grew into a great dog and brought much joy into my life. 
Well, I guess my hub thought that life was too good for us so why not shake it up so when Stella was 2 he decide to bring home Charlie.
Charlie was 7 months old when he came to us from hubs friend who bought him as a companion for her dog. Well, her doggie was having none of that and decided to terrorize Charlie on a daily basis.  Charlie is a sweet innocent needy little guy.
but, Stella and I were not ready for an addition to our family esp. since we now have twin grandsons added to our family to keep us really busy.
But, it was hard not to fall in love with this adorable little guy.
Charlie was not potty trained when we got him and was kept in a cage for most of his 7 months. So he required lots of attention.
He also had Giardia which was a parasite that had to be treated and our whole house had to be scrubbed and disinfected and we had to replace all our bedding.  Not to mention the vet bill and medication.  Luckily, none of us caught it.  
Oh, and the little dry patch on his ear turned out to be ring worm which one of the twins caught.
So its a good thing he's so cute, Oh yeah, he can't ever be alone and needs constant attention and wants to be on a lap all day.
 I almost forgot he pukes every day.  So now I have to make homemade dog food.  They actually eat better than we do.
Organic veggies and ground chicken and pasta. Once a week they get scrambled eggs and cheese.   
I just learned how to make dehydrated chicken for their snacks.
I never thought that it would happen to me turning into one those dog people.

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  1. I love this picture of Stella, she is too cute!!! And Charlie is lucky he is cute too, especially since the ringworm episode, yuck!! They are funny together those doggies!!