Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring A Magical Time

It still amazes me to see the beauty of spring.   It seems like the winters are getting longer and longer and spring would never be here.
 But, today I was looking at some new buds on a totally dead looking branch on one of my hydrangea's.
  I thought they had to be cut back to be able to bud again so I was so surprised this morning when I noticed all the new buds forming.
I'm still waiting for my daffodils to open up I have tons of them in the yard and only one opened up in the back yard.  maybe tomorrow I will have a surprise when I go out and they will be open.
Every morning this week a new surprise awaited yesterday there was some crocus open and the tulips are getting ready to open soon.
The lawn turned green like magic it was just a dead dried out looking mess just a week ago.
I think I will never get over the feeling that spring is just a magical time of year.
I'm so glad it's finally here!    

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